MM Agency was founded in 1998 in Kula, Republic of Serbia.

The Agency's business is financial and business consulting, advising, directing or providing operational assistance to business and other organizations related to management such as company strategy and organizational planning, business process transformation, management change, change of ownership, cost reduction and other financial issues related to for non-standard investments based on confidential information in Serbia, the region, CH and the EU.

Investing in real estate: hotels, business premises, industrial-production halls, silos, farms, greenhouses, orchards, agricultural land ...

Takeover of companies, management, establishment of companies in Serbia, the CH region and the EU.
Other consulting services at the request of individuals and legal entities.

Agency MM is a modern and dynamic consulting agency that is available to users of our services, in order to try to solve all business and investment-financial dilemmas and provide them with business, administrative, investment and management support in the best possible way.

We efficiently, accurately and professionally perform our services to the specifics of each individual client. According to the expert assessment of the nature and strategy of business development and the stated problem, we offer appropriate and active support.

We meet the business partners and users of our services in all permitted ways - counseling by telephone, via e-mail communication, through social networks and a direct meeting in their or our premises.

The task we have set ourselves is to respond in a timely and quality manner to all the needs of our clients.

Users of our services will not wait for hours or days for an answer, but depending on the severity of the problem, they will be informed in a timely, professional and responsible manner as soon as possible.

Our primary goal is to provide customers with high quality, efficient and economical services. We combine professional services in the field of financial, business and management consulting and apply the latest world standards and practices, as well as current practice in the field of consulting.

The business and financial consulting services provided by the MM Agency will enable our clients to stay on the legal side of business and help them solve various investment and business dilemmas and problems in accordance with business ethical principles.

We are your safe partner!

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