Are you thinking of starting your own business, but you don't know how, where to start, what is needed, what are the costs? Don't know how to start a business?

We register and establish a company for you, we make all kinds of changes related to your company, store or association.
We also shut down companies, provide financial and business services.

Establishment of all types of business entities (companies, entrepreneurs, cooperatives), associations of citizens, sports associations as well as changes in them (changes of members, directors, liquidation, bankruptcy ...).
Establishment of associations or non-governmental organizations.
Preparation of the founding act for companies and certification of that act.
Making a decision / contract on founding a company.
Re-registration of data at companies and shops.
We advise you in hiring your workers and types of work engagements through employment contracts and other contracts, which are your obligations as employers
Making a decision / contract on founding a company.
We open a current account in a commercial bank and report the start of work to the competent tax administration.
Closing a company - deletion LIQUIDATION of a company is a procedure that is carried out when the company has sufficient financial resources to cover all its obligations or BANKRUPTCY - a procedure that can be carried out as bankruptcy or reorganization over a bankruptcy debtor (legal entity or entrepreneur who is insolvent).

Our offer to investors:

We offer investors business consulting services, expert verification of documentation, exclusive offers, professionalism and discretion.
Expert advice to prepare for the sale of a legal entity or the property of a legal entity.
Expert advice to prepare for the purchase of a legal entity or the property of a legal entity.
Determining the market value of a legal entity or the property of a legal entity
Review of ownership documentation and bringing it in order, if there are any deficiencies.
Legalization of constructed facilities, land conversion.
Market processing of a specifically targeted segment.
Introducing Investors to the market situation.
Information on the prices of the legal entity or the property of the legal entity in the target market.
Processing the desired location.
Review and verification of ownership documentation.
Business consulting and control of the complete sales and acquisition business
Development of investment projects, business plans, marketing plans and other services.

The agency is at your disposal 24 hours a day, contact us and entrust your idea to us.

The rest is our concern.

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